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Silver and Stone.co.uk
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies

A handmade @ home  web-site by
Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

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hammered silver rings stacked
handmade silver rings stacked


Lovely chunky Spiral on a thick rounded nugget, on silver ring.

Spiral Rings

Michael Jefferies working at Silver and Stone
Sue Yeoman in the workshop

Silver Wide & Alex Band Spiral Rings

Alex Band Spiral Ring

 Affinity Spiral Ring

Wide Band Spiral Ring

Affinity Spiral Ring

Spiral on Silver Alex Band

Code  - Sp.Alex
Price  -  125

Spiral on Silver Wide Band

Spiral on Silver Affinity Ring

Code  - Sp.WAB
Price  - 150 - 180

Code  - Sp.Aff
Price  - 99

These rings are individually handmade.  Allow 10 - 15 days when ordering.
If you want your ring sooner than that, please
email to discuss it.

Choose which Silver ring you like.
Affinity Ring
- 3mm round porofile ring.
Alex Band - 4mm wide, 2mm thick flat band.
Wide Band - 6mm wide, 2mm thick flat band.

Available on a choice of three different styles of silver ring.

Free ring sizer sent by post
Email us at

We will make your ring fit you perfectly.
Send it back within 15 days if it doesn’t, we will sort it out!

15 day Returns Policy



Two spiral rings
4mm silver spiral band
Spiral ring on a 3mm band
3mm spiral ring
Silver wide band spiral ring
6mm silver spiral band
Handmade silver spiral ring
Spiral ring on a 4mm band
Spiral ring

Wide Band Spiral Ring

Rings are hammered, hand brushed and have a satin finish.

TEL 01297 443048



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