Small silver pebble with 2 twist beads
Small silver pebble on a chain

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Small Oval Silver Pebble Necklace

michael jefferies in the workshop
sue yeoman making pendants

We offer this pendant on it’s own, or with two twist beads.  It is hand brushed to give a matt satin finish.

Silver pebble is small, yet quite chunky and comes with a hammered finish on one side and smooth on the other side.

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Small pebble with 2 twist beads

Small silver pebble on a silver chain.

Silver pebble on a chain
Silver pebble with 2 twist beads

Small oval pebble necklace with 2 twist beads

Code. -  p.56.2twb

Price. -  79

Code. -  p.56

Price.  - 35  without chain

Price.  - 49  with silver snake chain

Small oval pebble pendant - no beads



Length of pebble - 11mm  (excluding jump ring)
Width                -  7mm
Weight              -  2.3 grams

All our jewellery is individually handmade to order. 
Allow approximately a week or so for delivery.
If you want this by a particular date, please let us know, and we will do our best to oblige. 
Email us - - Or phone 01297 443048

heart leaf charm necklace

Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies SILVER PENDANTS

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leaf charm necklace

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Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

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