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Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies HEART PENDANTS

Heart Leaf Pendant - with textured silver beads

Price  - 89  For Pendant, chain & 2 beads
Code  - p52.2retb

Silver Heart Leaf Pendant

sue yeoman making pendants

This silver heart leaf was one of the first of our ‘Heart Leaf’pendant collection. We offer it on its own, or with two textured silver beads.

It is quite a bold piece to wear, and goes well with all our heart leaf earrings.        ... Sue

michael jefferies in the workshop

This pendant is hand brushed to give a matt satin finish.

Buy the pendant on its own or with 16” or 18” silver snake chain

Length of the pendant  - 4.4cm.

Silver heart leaf pendant.  Code p.52.2retb

silver heart earrings made by hand

These earrings go well with this heart leaf pendant. 

Silver Earrings

hand made silver heart necklace

The pendant also combines well with others in our collection, to make lovely leafy necklaces.

Handmade Necklace

Silver pendant with two reticulated silver beads

Price  - 45  For Pendant on its own
Price  - 59  For Pendant with snake chain
Code  - p52.

Heart Leaf Pendant - no extra beads

These beads are made by Michael, using reticulation, this involves playing the flame of a torch accross the surface of the silver, giving it a lovely natural looking texture.

Silver heart pendant on a silver snake chain

Silver heart leaf pendant.  Code p.52


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Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

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handmade necklace

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heart leaf charm necklace