Original expanding Lilly bangle.
With long twist bead, and bush bead spacer


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Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies HANDMADE SILVER LILLY BANGLE

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Expanding Lilly Bangle

Charm bangle with 3 bush beads

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New expanding Lilly bangle.
With long textured bead and short twist spacer.
This version has an added silver heart charm.

Sue has been wearing the very first expanding Lilly bangle she made on an almost daily basis for about 20 years.
It is comfortable, sturdy, & shows no signs of wear and tear.

Original Lilly Bangle -
With a Lilly slider, a long twist bead, and a chunky bush bead spacer.

Original Lilly bangle - 135
With silver heart charm - 160
With silver star charm - 165
With 9ct gold heart charm - 310
With 9ct gold star charm - 330

New Lilly bangle - 140
With silver heart charm - 165
With silver star charm - 170
With 9ct gold heart charm - 315
With 9ct gold star charm - 335

New Lilly Bangle -
With a Lilly slider, a long textured bead, and a short twist bead spacer.

Because we make each bangle individually to order, you will need to allow at least 2 working weeks (depending on how busy we are)
It may take longer when ordering a bangle with a gold charm.

Silver puff heart

Rose gold puff heart

Silver Star

We offer two versions
The Original Lilly Bangle has a long twist bead, chunky spacer and Lilly Slider.
The New Lilly Bangle has a long textured bead, textured spacer and Lilly Slider.

Both styles can be bought with or without silver or gold charm.

Expanding bangles are designed to be eased out, by pressing on the two twirly parts, to fit over the knuckles, then squeezed back in to fit snugly.

One size fits most people - however if you have a particularly small or large hand, please let us know, so that we can take that into consideration. Email

A handmade @ home  web-site by
Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

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