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Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies Handmade Necklaces

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michael jefferies working at his bench
sue yeoman making pendants in the workshop

A handmade @ home  web-site by
Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

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Moon and Star Necklace

Two moon and star necklaces, with textured beading.
The first one has more beading, and the moon hangs slightly longer on 3 links of handmade chain.

These necklaces are individually hand made to order, please allow a week or so, depending on how busy we are at the time.

Silver snake chain is available in 16” and 18” lengths

Moon and Star Necklace - No. 1

Price  -  149
Code  -  SDP.Moon.161.ex.B


Moon and Star Necklace - No. 2

Price  -  114
Code  -  SDP.Moon.161



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Moon and Star Necklace No.1

Moon and Star Necklace No.2

The moon measures 25mm from top to bottom, not including the jump ring.  The star 21mm top to bottom.