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How to Size a Bangle

All our bangles are individually hand made, to ensure a good fit.

We offer two styles of bangle:-
* Fixed size bangles
* Expanding bangles

* Fixed size silver cuff

Expanding Bangles can be slid open to a larger size, then once on, are squeezed smaller to tighten around your wrist.
One size fits all.

Fixed size Bangle. It is the size of your hand, rather than your wrist that needs to be measured. So that the bangle can be slipped on and off.

Fixed Size Cuff. Your cuff will need to go on over your hand, so we would need your hand measurement, before custom making your cuff.


1. Make a fist

2. Measure across your knuckles
     From the outside of your first knuckle - to midway            between your 3rd & 4th knuckles

This distance should equal the interenal diameter of your bangle.

eg. If this measurement equals 6.5cm - Your bangle will need to be 6.5cm internal diameter.


Alternatively, measure a bangle you already know is a good size for you. Measure across, from one side to the other, to obtain the internal diameter.

We offer fixed size bangles in 6cm, 6.5cm, 7cm, 7.5cm and 8cm.

If you require a different size, email us with your measurements.


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