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cubic zirconia and gold bead bracelet

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Fuchsia Bracelet

Our Fuscia Bracelet is beaded with our signature silver beads, and beautiful cut and facted red glass beads, and a purple Cubic Zirconia bead.

The beads are threaded onto a woven silver bracelet chain, and secured with a lovely silver detachable clasp.

Fuchsia Bracelet
Code - BBr.Fuchsia.01

beaded bracelet with red glass and silver beads

2 Ruby Red Glass Beads
1 Purple Cuic Zirconia Bead

Price from -  280 - 285



How to measure your bracelet chain.

Our Cubic Zirconia and Glass beads have a large hole and are lined & capped with silver.

Cubic Zirconia is a man made crystal
of high quality and beauty.  Delicately cut and faceted, these beads have a lovely brightness and sparkle, yet they are harder than most gemstones, making them very durable.

If you would prefer a different combination of beads, then contact us

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beaded bracelet with  silver glass and cubic zirconia beads

Fuchsia BraceletBBr.Fuchsia 01

red glass bead purple cubic zirconia bead and silver bead detail

Fuchsia Bracelet

2 Ruby Red Glass Beads
1 Purple Cubic Zirconia Bead
10 Textured silver beads
2 Silver stopper beads



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