5mm Amethyst - set in large 9ct yellow gold nugget,
on a chunky 9ct red gold ring - 4mm x 4mm

This Amethyst Engagement Ring is individually handmade to order.  Allow 3-4 weeks when
ordering your engagment ring.


A handmade @ home  web-site by
Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

Amethyst Engagement Ring


Price - from 695 - 795
Code RG.R9R31

Amethyst Ring - 9ct red gold

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Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Engagement Rings

Sue making engagement rings in the workshop

This Engagement Ring is handmade, large bold and chunky, set with a beautiful deep purple Amethyst. The ring is slightly irregular, and has a lightly hammered surface texture.  We hand brush the gold to give a matt finish.

9ct Yellow Gold setting - on a 9ct Red Gold Ring


Red gold engagement ring with Amethyst set in yellow gold
Amethyst engagement ring with a wedding ring
Red gold Amethyst engagemenr ring flat on a stone
Amethyst engagement ring
Amethyst set in red gold ring with a red gold diamond eternity ring
stack of rings with Amethyst and Diamonds in Red and Yellow Golds
Amethyst red gold engagement ring with red gold wedding ring

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Handmade engagement rings

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