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Beaded Necklaces

Designed & hand made by
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset/Devon - U.K.

Our beaded necklaces combine our own handmade silver beads, with faceted Glass & Cubic Zirconia beads which are lined with silver, and which we offer in various colours.

All beads slide on and off the circlet, making it easy to rearrange your necklace, add extra beading, or change the colour scheme to suit your preferances.

The silver circlets are comfortable to wear and very flattering, they hold a slightly flexible circle around the neck.

Available in 16 and 18 lengths.

Silver and Purple Cubic Zirconia Beaded Necklaces

We also offer a range of beaded bracelets, which match our beaded necklace range. 
The bracelet chains have a removable clasp, which enables all beading to be interchangeable.

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