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Amethyst Expanding Bangle

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Because we make each bangle individually to order, you will need to allow up to two working weeks (depending on how busy we are).
Let us know if you want your bangle quicker than that and we will do our best. 


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Sue has been making expanding bangles for 20 years or so.
They work by easing out the silver ‘twirls’ and once on the wrist, easing back in again. The bangle should sit comfortably and in time take on the shape of your wrist.

Amethyst Expanding Bangle


Amethyst Exspanding Bangle

Code  -  Exp.B.Am

Price  -  129

Heart charm bangle

One size fits most people - however if you have a particularly small or large hand, please let us know, so that we can take that into consideration. Email